MHMC Activities

  • Regular awareness programmes at various levels in Schools and Colleges targeting adolescent girls in rural and urban areas.
  • Need Assessment Study on Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices about Menstrual Hygiene Management.
  • Training on Sanitary Napkin Production.
  • Standardisation of sanitary napkins.
  • Pool of trainers of Training to take forward MHM practices,Training manual on awareness and Production of napkins.
  • 27 th NOV Female Hygiene day and Conduct Competitions among college and school students.
  • Network with various organizations , key line departments in Promotion Of sanitary napkin and Awarness of MHM.
  • Lobby to increase the market support and share for SHG produced napkins.
  • Resource Person pool for Various awareness and Sanitary napkin Production.
  • Procure quality raw material at minimum cost possible.
  • The Trichy Declaration On MHM was formulated and released on 27.11.2009.
  • MHMC was registered on 8.3.2010.
  • MHMC was formally inaugurated on 14.7.2010 at Chennai.
  • First Female hygiene day was celebrarted at Keeranur, Trichy.