Special Information

Some Facts About Menstruation

Menstruation is a natural and physiological process.

It is not a Disease.

Women have either directly or indirectly got accustomed to the belief that menstrual blood is unclean, unhygienic and dirty.

Some traditional Practices during Menstruation cause embarrassment and lead to loss of self esteem.

There is a culture of silence, myths and taboos.

Average duration of menstruation is about 2,100 days (almost six years of life)

School dropouts and absenteeism among adolescent girls are attributed to menstruation and related issues.

Poor menstrual hygiene leads to fungal infections which can further leads to serious reproductive tract infections, including cervical cancer.

Women used to unhygienic and unclean methods of handling menstruation are vulnerable to infertility.

Unhygienic and Unsafe disposal of used napkins like throwing in streets, toilets, river banks, ponds or just in their backyards cause environment degradation and pollution. MHMC insists on safe disposal practices and Incinerators.

  • Incinerators at schools and public places.
  • Electronic incinerators for colleges and colonies.
  • Bury it in a pit in rural areas.
  • Collect burn and dispense the ash dustbins in urban areas.
Disposal Mechanisms
Electrical Incinerator Brick Incinerator
Burying in Pits Burning