Gandhigram Trust, Dindigul.

Gandhigram Trust which was established in the year of Indian independence for integrated rural development by a series of activities in the fields of social welfare, health, education, employment generation, gender equality, rural technologies and micro enterprises through SHGs. In recent times it is focusing on formation and management of SHG Federations, sustainable rural industrial activities and rural technologies. Government departments from all over India involved in women and rural development are approaching the Trust to provide training for women entrepreneurs for sustainable micro enterprises. The trust has been recognized as the center of excellence in rural technologies by DST and CAPART has established a resource center in Gandhigram and recognized the trust as a facilitator for strengthening NGOs for identifying and promoting rural technologies.

Gandhigram Trust has promoted 1,079 SHGs and grouped them into 37 federations. The SHGs have promoted their own production units (48 nos.) and there are 3,000 individual entrepreneurs engaged in various trades and service units.

From its inception Gandhigram trust has been manufacturing a variety of sanitary products like toilet soaps with ISI, Detergent Soap and Powder, Shampoo, Scouring Powder, Phenyl, herbal bath powderand herbal turmeric powder etc. To inculcate the use of sanitary napkins among rural women and adolescent girls, prevent reproductive tract infection among them and to establish a new source of livelihood, Gandhigram Trust started sanitary napkin production in 2000.

It is marketing two brands of SNs produced in its own units at Gandhigram and Kodaikanal and is supporting nine SHGs engaged in SN production. It has got its own marketing channels. It has produced 785 women TOTs from all over India by giving them suitable training. It is producing sanitary napkin machineris and helped in setting up new units in Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Assam, West Bengal, Karnataka and Nagaland states. By careful selection of raw materials the Gandhigram trust ensures high quality napkins.

With technical support from RuTAG(Rural Technology Action Group of IIT Madras) and Kumaraguru college of technology, Coimbatore and in coordination with the office of the principal scientific advisor, DST-GOI, Gandhigram trust is engaged in research and development in napkin production, providing TOT, manufacturing machinery and Technology transfer. The trust has helped setting up of new units in various parts of Tamil Nadu and six states in India ( West Bengal,.

It organized a workshop on MHM and sanitary napkin technology in June 2010. It has also published a booklet on health, MHM practices and MHM related health problems. It has also organized several MHM awareness programs for school and college students and celebrated female hygiene day on 27th Nov. 2010.

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MHM workshop and Sanitary napkin technology, June 2010.

Female Hygiene day celebration, 27th Nov, 2010

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